Orders in the Netherlands

How is my package delivered?

Most packages are delivered through Post NL. The courier delivers packages from Monday to Saturday. For larger packages we will deliver ourselves and even put them in place.

How much will I pay for shipping?

If your order is above €75 and the contents fit in a box 50 x 50 x 100 cm shipping is FREE, any order bellow that amount you pay €7,00 for shipping. (does not apply for items on SALE) for large objects shipping is calculated apart.

How long until I receive my items?

If the items you ordered are in stock we will give it to the courier in the next two working days. This means, that you will get your order no later than 3 days.

If however the item you ordered is not in stock in our shop, then it takes about 2 - 3 weeks to get it to your address, provided the item is in stock with our supplier. If this is not the case, we will provide with an estimated delivery time.

How are large items delivered?

If the dimensions of the product you ordered exceed those admitted by de courier, we will deliver ourselves and even help you set them in place.

Please make notice of any possible obstructions like sizes of doorways and stairs and let us know beforehand so we can plan ahead. If for example we need to hire a crane to take your couch up to get it in through a window, then it will be discussed beforehand and any costs must be paid by the customer.

Do I have to assemble my own items?

If any of the items you ordered need any assembly we will do so on delivery. We will also take all the cardboard and packaging material that came with it so you do not have to worry.

How will I know the delivery time?

For orders delivered through PostNL, as soon as the order is ready to be shipped you will get a tracking code to let you know the time when it will be delivered.

For large items we will notify you as soon as the order is ready and we make an appointment that best suits you.

What happens if I am not home at the moment of delivery?

Again, it depends on the size of your package ; ) 

If it is an item that we sent through PostNL, you will get a tracking code and be able to rearrange the delivery time to one that better suits you. If you cant change it and the package arrives when you are not home, It will either be left at your neighbour's' or taken back to PostNL warehouse and be delivered the next day.

If it is a large item, we will make an appointment for the delivery, if you will not be home just let us know at least one day before the delivery date.

If I buy several items will they be delivered together?

If you order more than one item, we will do our best to send everything together. We like to consider the environment, so if you are not in a hurry for a specific item, we will send everything together once we have the complete order ready, unless there is an item with an extraordinary delivery time.

How long does it take to get custom made items?

For items that are made specifically for you - like rugs in specific sizes or sofas with certain upholstery - we provide an estimated delivery time in the product's description. However these times are "estimated" for a reason, the items are part of large production lines and long delivery chains and extraordinary things can happen. Please be patient, you will get what you ordered and will have it for the rest of your life.

For EU orders outside the Netherlands

For packages smaller than 50cm x 50cm x 100cm we deliver through PostNL and their courier partner network, this means that at the moment it crosses to your country we depend on the partner for the delivery. sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, like orders are delivered without you being home and the courier does not leave a note behind ; ) 

These are all human errors and go beyond our control. If you feel that there has been too much time and your order is still not delivered, contact us and we will make sure it gets to you.

For the moment we do not ship or deliver LARGE items to countries outside the BENELUX

Orders outside de EU

For orders outside the EU please contact us before you place the order

Further questions

If you have any further questions regarding shipping or any other subject, please feel free to contact us through email at or by phone at +31621546537 or, our favourite method, click on the blue message us link at the bottom right hand corner and we will get in contact very soon.